Dangerous Flights S02E02

DANGEROUS FLIGHTS is the real deal: a high testosterone action adventure series on the edge of aviation’s final frontier, starring the daring mavericks who risk their lives in the high-danger,…


  1. Man, plz… keep the episodes coming !

  2. Daniel Johnson

    could of just bought a oxygen kit 

  3. how did kerry and marcio flew the cirrus up to 22000 feet? i thought the
    service ceiling of cirrus SR22 is 17500 feet

  4. 427SuperSnake1

    You have to love how these shows can be so inaccurate at times and fake.
    Such as when they get in the caravan and fire it up to leave, its the sound
    of a piston engine starting. So since when does a Turbine engine sound like
    a cessna 172 starting up? I wish it was real sound and real life instead of
    dubbed audio that is not even accurate. I mean at least match a turbine
    engine with the sound of any turbine starting!

  5. Alex rodriguez

    AND WHERE IS THE S02 E03?04?

  6. 8:30 this happened because you had mentioned mosquitoes xDD

  7. I please request to ALL CANADIAN AND BRITISH watchers to upload more videos
    of this season. Thanks!

  8. I love the Grand Caravan.Being from Kenya, It is the capital of Grand
    Caravan planes especially for alot of the tour companies

  9. +mguarnas is any way to have the others episodes?

  10. SassyHershsey SassyHershey

    The Cessna Caravan doesn’t have retractable gear, there is no “wheels up”.
    I don’t like this type of show making heroes out of video cameos. Only a
    fool would buy an aircraft that hasn’t been thoroughly inspected. They
    don’t tell you that part of the boring truth of aviation. The Buyer would
    not “Accept” (a legal term, yes, I’m a 20 year lawyer DOT retired) and a
    former student pilot. Acceptance means you wire the cash! As a maritime
    lawyer by trade, I can assure you the sea trials are the most important
    part of a very long and boring “acceptance” check out. There’s the dock
    engine start, then the sea trial. Same with aviation from my aviation
    lawyer friends who are all pilots of course. 

  11. Where is the next episode??

  12. Its sad, that right after delivering this plane in Kenya, the director of
    this show had died, after hiring another pilot and plane to take him to get
    more shots of Mt. Kenya and the area to put in the show.. Apparently the
    plane had encountered strong winds that apparently pushed the plane into
    the side of mountain… Killing all onboard, including the director… :-(

  13. Guys, please upload the rest of season 2. I’m from Brazil and love it.

  14. why did the turbine sound like a piston engine? God dam sound guys are

  15. We love the planes you fly.The most people watching this are online pilots
    , so stop making this so dramatic.This is not American chopper…Fucking

  16. Drop fucking Marciho….bloody looooooooooser

  17. I found and uploaded S02E01: http://youtu.be/BNOX-h7UA28

    Episodes 3-10 can be seen at
    http://www.dangerousflights.ca/#sthash.Jw5FeRer.dpuf, but they don’t play
    anymore, site has been abandoned. I wish someone would upload them.

  18. corey sucks..

  19. Where is episode 3??

  20. Chris De Flamingh


  21. Please can the canadian guys download from episode three onwards for the
    rest of the world..please

  22. I’m with a lot of you guys….where are the rest of the EPISODES? Anyways
    that’s actually not what I want to talk about, nor bash Corey and his team
    or the production ethos. I love what these guys do……but I have a/some
    question/s, statement/s I’d like to pose. If anyone is interested, please
    re-pose. (o; Just stopped this episode at 11.26 after the oxygen tank
    problem. I can’t remember if it was stated in this series or the 1st but
    the narrator stated that Corey and or his company buy’s and sells airplanes
    then ferries them to where the buyer needs them to be. Is he a broker or a
    true buyer & seller? If he brokers the planes then what is the contractural
    agreement, to ship as is or otherwise? Is he still liable for any time loss
    on delivery till the agreed delivery date. What I mean really is that if
    the buyer gets his plane late, well fuck him in the end….. This is
    aviation not a land or even sea based vehicle. I’d rather my plane late
    rather than crashed and burned. Even though I have a deadline in ordering
    my stuff, shit happens, I’d like to believe within myself. Then again,
    that’s probably why I’ll never be an entrepreneur. Or and therefore
    discount my previous few lines does Corey in his infinate wisdom, rush to
    the finish line before he even has it in his sights. Does he promise too
    much to his buyers/brokees?…. or and or again, is this a TV producers
    trickery. Who really knows, I still for one love this shit. Well done Corey
    & The Team…. Would love to hear someone elses thoughts on this. (written
    in a sort of at least positive fashion, please ;o)

  23. Can’t find the follow up episode to this one

  24. Crosshair Smith

    Thank you for sharing this program. I highly enjoy it. 427supersnake1, a
    bit of advice; computers and sites like this are wonderful things in that
    everything has an off button if you do not care to use it anymore. While
    tearing apart a show may be a hobby for you, you should at least have some
    respect for the person who went to all the trouble to set these shows up
    for us. If the show is that repulsive to you, go do something else.

  25. ohh shit marcio i feel bad for ya


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