Zero G Flight – Parabolic Flight With The Airbus A300 Of Novespace

Because of Novespace’s (owner of the Airbus Zero G) decision to reorganize the commercial flights after April 29, 2015 – we will not been able to offer the European zeroG flights at the moment….



    The Airbus will be back soon. Stay tuned.

  2. Zero G Flight – Parabolic Flight With The Airbus A300 Of Novespace

  3. Why do they always use old planes to do zero-g’s? 

  4. Francisco Kurpiel

    Zero G:

  5. One day I hope to get the opportunity to try this! Fantastic video :-D

  6. Some where in Africa people and children dies fom no food. or live a life
    hungry for a few days or weeks, while some where in the sky some people
    spend 6000 euros for adventure of their life and bying cars every 3 years
    with price avarage 25000-65000 euros and buy i phones and padphones every
    year, and think they are homosapiens.
    Guys i don’t hate you, i just want you guys know things like this!
    And maybe make decission 

  7. Natália Kovács

    Az Embereket figyeljétek! Boldogok, nyitottak, játékosak. És már nem
    fiatalok. Miért nem tud mindenki ilyen lenni? 

  8. 5:10 when the guy is half way through a flip and then gravity cmes back and
    he hits the floor ★

  9. Siegbert Heidegger

    They’re in high spirits like a child.8->

  10. TheLeftLibertarianAtheist

    I want to do this. :(


  12. If you’re going to talk about starting children in Africa, get on the
    computer airhead since the micro processor is a spinoff of Nasa and it’s
    attempt to shrink things for space flight and to have a universal chip
    instead of a single task chip like in the 60s. 

  13. Show de bola. Deve ser uma sensação única.
    Os pilotos também sente a gravidade zero?

  14. ¡Chévere sería soltarse un “Pedo”, dentro de ese ambiente sin
    gravedad…haber como se
    comporta…..jejejjejejjejejejeejjejejejeejje..sería un magnifico

  15. 6:10 party crashing with some ham and eggs + orange juice coming back from
    breakfast anyone…? xDDD

  16. Secret007SkyFall
  17. You can have the same experience at any good carnival for 10 bucks, or even
    at Disney World, it is called the oxygen chamber or something like that.

    Kids love it, I will try it next summer, I’m 50 but what the heck, fuck it

  18. Now this is what the gymnasium on the Space Station should look like

  19. Julianof Paignton

    I’m glad it didn’t show anybody throwing up. That looked really

  20. How long does the 0 G lasts? :)

  21. ANONYMOUS 0000

    I want to go how can I make this dream come true?

  22. We are falling to our death, lets be happy and jump :D. Seriously tho, i
    would be really scared about the plane loosing its wings.

  23. ANONYMOUS 0000

    I can’t wait to go on zero g

  24. Pedro Picon Barriel


  25. wait isnt it soppose to be zero g when the plane is nose down???

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