Dangerous Flights Season 1 Episode 7

Dangerous Flights Season 1 Dangerous Flights Season 1 Episode 7.


  1. 16:19 I wonder how they would feel about watching the Americans eat cottage
    cheese? Every culture eats things others consider gross.
    22:58 which is worse: Dealing with stomach problems in a small plane for 5
    hours, or dealing with the aftermath of an accident caused by stomach
    problems in a small plane for 5 hours?

  2. You know, shortly after Apollo 12 lifted off the Saturn V rocket was struck
    by lightning TWICE. If you can hit a rocket with 6 million pounds of highly
    explosive fuel in it without blowing it to bits, what would lightning do to
    an airplane?

  3. I don’t know about anyone else, but as a pilot, this is an incredibly
    painful program to watch. Not only are the most basic and common sense
    protocols of pilot and aviation safety, planning, and decision making
    completely disregarded by the ferry company owner and those pilots who work
    for him, but just even non-pilot and non-aviation planning and common sense
    are sorely lacking. I fear it’s not a question of if, but only of when one
    or more of these so called “pilots” kill themselves or worse, take other
    aircraft and those aboard them (or even people on the ground), with them.
    Frankly, these “cowboys” disgust me. 


    Mr. Hughes hits the nail on the head. Cowboys have been slandered. These
    guys are beyond belief. Sheeeeeeese. The FAA could use these guys in their
    Safety Meetings as examples of just about every way to screw up proper
    decision making during all phases of flight. The CRM seems non existent.
    And who is the PIC? Guys reaching for throttles and arguing during the most
    critical phases of flight. Are you kidding?

  5. Trust me… this show is scripted, and mostly theatrics. (Believe none of
    what you see and only half of what you hear)

  6. Note to self. When flying long distances, don’t try any unknown foods!

  7. Trim relieves control pressures

  8. My worst nightmare, getting stomach sick while flying a single engine with
    no glorified bucket at disposal. 

  9. Did some digging…the show covers only the successful deliveries. There
    have been complaints from former employees and customers about failed
    deliveries, practices dangerous to safety, bad business practices, etc.
    Still, it looks like an interesting job. Trying to run a business is
    beak-breaking, and perhaps CB grew too big too fast.

  10. Why is this only 360p? The season 6 you posted is 720p.

  11. Randy is best pilot . the worst is Cory the boss who looks out the window
    and picks his nose. Most importantly these planes should not be permitted
    to fly when they are unsure of the mechanics and maintenance history .

  12. Did they get the plane to the Philippines? Wheres episode 8..

  13. Y’know, there are a few moments which merit watching. . . . but they are
    far outweighed by the dreck. It’s just too much drama-for-drama’s-sake.
    Rehashing the story line every 15 minutes doesn’t help.

  14. 38:30 why do they have their strobe lights on. 

  15. oh come on people… I like planes and am hoping to get my PPL when I can
    afford the training… why do people think it matters to critique a TV
    Show…seriously its boring and I get it but we are not using this as
    flight training it is simply showing part of the aviation industry as I
    seriously had no idea people would buy planes but not want to fly them home
    themselves…I have only bought used cars and would never think of paying a
    person to transport a car for me… ofcourse I am not buying cars from the
    other side of the planet…

  16. Who buys this?

  17. jeni- UrmyQueenbitch

    a pilots life is full of hours of boredom with minutes of sheer terror and
    they still do it and love it well done

  18. that Kerry character is annoying 

  19. Where’s ep 8?!


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